Thom York Oil Painting

Thom Yorke photoshop oil portrait with realistic texture

Another photoshop oil portrait, I just love creating them. Moving on from my last tutorial on how to paint like Rembrandt in Photoshop, is this new post.

Cracked textured paint

How to create an old photoshop oil portrait that has that textured cracked appearance. Like it has been varnished too many times.

Its a tacky effect but I love it

I did this for fun, for the shits and giggles. I do like this kind of thing. I think it could make a kitsch gift for someone. I think we all have a narcissist side.

The difference with this technique is that I use used an old naval painting to begin with (Edward L Mooney) and placed the modern photograph on top and them blended them together.

It’s all very basic Photoshop really. It just takes a bit of time to get the effect right.

When I am king

My victim is Thom Yorke. I think Thom makes a good general. If Thom ever becomes a general in any way whatsoever, my back might be first against the wall, so to speak!

You can do it with anyone who is looking directly at the camera. You will need a good quality image at a reasonably high resolution. It’s also easier to cutout if they are on a white background.

The whole painting with the cracked paint effect

photoshop oil painting texture

Photoshop oil painting texture

A close up of the painting

photoshop oil portrait

photoshop oil painting

Where did you get the cracked effect from?

I searched the internet and found quite a few good cracked paint effects. Trouble was they were not big enough – I don’t just want a big cracked effect. I want it scaled down – to make it more realistic. I also didn’t want it looking like the paint was cracking and peeling off, like you get when you search in google.

So I kind of stitched and tiled the good one’s that I found. It’s not perfect. I found it a chore making a seamless tile, and the results were not that good (I could see where it tiles).

However, with smoke and mirrors I might just be able to use it. You can download my cracked effect, I’m almost too embarrassed to share it with you, but what the hell. Use it as a pattern so it fills the image.

The basic Photoshop process

  • Find a suitable old naval painting via google image search (it has to be hi res)
  • Get a photograph to comp over the naval painting
  • Cut out your modern photograph, paste over the top
  • Colour match the two
  • Use the smudge tool to blend the two pictures together.
  • Paste a crackle / cracked paint layer above your artwork and set to multiply
  • Tweak the cracked layer to only reveal parts
  • Apply a smart sharpen layer to bring up all the paint textures
  • Tweak colour until your happy

The video – see how quickly I work!

I don’t work that quick! It’s about 2 hrs condensed into 4 minutes, gives you a good feel for how the thing comes together.

Room for improvement

I’m going to try to push this technique a little further each time I try it. I want more realism. I want to improve the cracked paint effect, and that means creating my own – then scanning it in.

That’s it, I hope you enjoyed watching, and remember this was just for fun, it’s very tongue in cheek.

Get me to do a photoshop oil portrait for you

If you don’t have time to do your own oil painting in photoshop then you can hire me to do it for you. I now offer this as a service, but be warned it’s not cheap. It can take well over 5 hrs work to create the oil painting effect.

I’ve proved that its not that difficult but it does take time. Cost depends on your picture, the more complex the more it costs. I generally charge around £250 – £300 for a print-ready piece of artwork.

If you are interested you’ll need

  • A high resolution photograph (nothing shot on your mobile phone)
  • A well lit photograph
  • A head a shoulder shot

Feel free to contact me to talk about your project.

That is all.

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